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Mister Foe


Finally a film for the aspiring psychologist. If you want to watch a movie and play a game called Name This Kid's Neuroses, this is the title for you.

Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell, Billy Elliot) is a disturbed British teenager. After having difficulty coping with the death of his mother some years before, Hallam spends his days spying on fellow townsfolk and taking notes on them in his diary. When his older sister moves out, Hallam is left alone with a soft-spoken father (Ciaran Hinds, Munich) and a malicious gold-digging stepmother (Claire Forlani, Meet Joe Black), who nudge him out on his own. Once into the big city, Hallam finds a new preoccupation: obsessing over a young woman who resembles his mother.

The previews for this movie made it look like a quirky, cutesy, off-beat comedy. Rather, it's a dark, exceedingly sexual jaunt into the mind of a troubled boy rapidly maturing into manhood.

Note my opening reference to psychology. Because it deals with deviant behaviors, the film is difficult to watch. Clearly it's a no-go for children, but even squeamish adults might find discomfort. Given a peculiar drama-noir theme, this film might really only be a hit with fans of cinematic voyages way off the beaten path.

Despite my typical interest in similarly novel films, a bizarre faux-happy ending threw me for a loop, and the quasi-trivialization of the protagonist's troubles made for a dark and bumpy ride, even for me. View at your own risk.

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