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Missing Something?

Or, the Mystery of the Paintings in the Intersection


No, this isn't a Nancy Drew mystery. It's just an item about some anxious artist out there who is literally a couple of canvases short of a show after apparently accidentally dumping some artworks onto the road. And if that person is reading this, then he or she will be relieved to know that thanks to Janey-on-the-spot Cora Sower, the paintings in question did not end up road-kill.

On Monday, November 14, at about 9:50 a.m., Sower was at State Street and Veteran's Parkway and saw two large canvases in the intersection. Sensing their distress, she rescued them from the road and took them with her. Upon later inspection, Sower saw that the apparent oil paintings were both unsigned and had no identifying information, such as a name, phone number or address where she might get in contact with the owner. Suspecting student work, Sower decided to contact Kirsten Furlong, gallery director of Boise State's Visual Arts Center, who, in turn (suspecting "a bad tie-down job in the back of someone's pick-up"), contacted BW, hoping we could get the word out and reunite paintings to painter.

Sower, an artist herself, is anxious to facilitate a reunion and the owner of the pieces can call her at 794-1628.