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Week in Review: Missing Art and Awkward Parts


On the morning of April 23, some sleepy-eyed Boise State students shuffling to their first classes did a double take. A number of public art statues on the quad had been covered by large white PVC pipe frames sheathed in white cardboard with the message "Error 404." Like the ubiquitous "page not found" message displayed online, the cerebral demonstration dubbed Project 404 aimed to draw attention to the void that could be created if arts programs aren't funded to the same degree that science and math programs are.

Boise Weekly reporter Andrew Crisp chatted up some students about the stunt to find out their reactions, which ranged from "I thought it was funny" to "We have the highest number of arts majors graduating because those are easy degrees. ... To give a bigger emphasis to the arts doesn't make sense."

But apparently, those students' opinions didn't fly with BW blog readers like Genevieve Emerson who wrote: "In lieu of what's at stake in the BSU Arts and Humanities programs, I am stunned that BW would produce something with so little research and foresight. I spoke with a number of people on campus who had a wealth of creative, passionate, powerful things to say and ask about the project."

Speaking of the intersection of art and science, Crisp also hit up the Discovery Center of Idaho's Science of Brewing event on April 25, which featured demos on beer brewing, along with ample samples, including the "explosion" brew with chipotle and malt dried over an open flame. According to Crisp, "The result was a fiery, smoky blend of flavor that led to a lot of burnt tongues."

For a more in-depth look into the sudsy event, check out the video at

In other brews news, a motley BW crew piled onto the new people-powered Cycle Pub on April 28 and awkwardly pedaled through the streets of downtown, stopping every so often to whet our whistles at watering holes alongside the Crawl Around Downtown masses. Look for a full story on the ride in next week's Bike Issue, which hits stands Wednesday, May 9.

Speaking of awkward, Story Story Night tackled the theme on April 30 in honor of recent Boise performer David Sedaris. The evening's featured storytellers spun an array of cringe-worthy yarns, including Sarah Ober's tale of a giggle fit while visiting a German gynecologist, Greg Warren's squirmy battle both for and against virility, and Bob Haycock's story of a stalk-ward first date from

The evening's story slammers continued the theme with a hilarious tale of male-teen-meets-cold-cream and a teacher who dropped the F-bomb and had to apologize in front of the entire school.

Dressed in plaid shorts and her "nerdiest glasses," Story Story host Jessica Holmes led the packed crowd in a rendition of "Happy Birthday" in honor of the popular event's entry into its terrible twos.