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Ming & Modern Team Up for Basque Short Film Festival, Celebrating Jaialdi


Think of it like a sequel. In 2014, Modern Hotel and Bar raised the curtain on its 39 Rooms Film Festival, its own permanent festival of independently produced short films, screening for visitors to the Boise landmark hotel. And now, organizers are teaming up with Ming Studios to expand the festival by showcasing 15 Basque-inspired short films in celebration of this week's Jaialdi Festival.

“Some of these films are really great and a couple in particular are spectacular. These Basque films are some of the best films I’ve seen all year long,” said Robert Tullis, co-owner of The Modern Hotel.

The quinquennial Jaialdi Festival celebrates all-things Basque, taking over Boise's Basque Block with even moree festival events at CenturyLink Arena, the Morrison Center and Expo Idaho.And this year, Ming Studio will host screenings of the Basque short films on Thursday, July 30, Friday, July 31 and Friday, August 1, beginning each evening at 9.

“I’m excited to be contributing to the Boise community by opening a forum for artists and filmmakers, providing access to more types of cultural resources,” said Executive Director at Ming Studios, Jason Morales.

And although most of the films being showcased will be in Spanish with English subtitles, organizers say it won't be difficult to understand the history and cultural relevance that each film offers.

“Short films are really undervalued and they aren’t shown often. They are very different from a feature length film-like a piece of poetry, it’s entirely its own genre,” said Michal Lloyd, manager at The Modern Hotel.

Admission is $5. Seating will accommodate 50-70 guests and wine will be available for purchase. 

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