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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge


Our neighbor across the street is trying to trap our cats with a cage set up in his driveway with a bowl of food in it to entice them into his yard. I've spent years training our cats not to cross the street. We also suspect he is using a pellet gun to shoot at them. They love being outside in warm weather. They don't understand why they can't be out because of this cruel person. Are there laws in Idaho that protect people's pets from being harassed while on their own property? This person has even tried to call them over to their house when my husband and I were standing in the yard with the kitties. What say you, Minerva?

—Kitten Patrol

Dear Kitten Patrol,

My first suggestion is to document everything that happens. Dates and times will be important. Take pictures of the setup. Send your neighbors a certified letter asking them to stop harassing your pets. Consult with Idaho Statutes Title 25—Animals, Chapter 35—Animal Care. I think you will find that there are protections in place. Animals are considered property and it is your responsibility to protect your property. Thank goodness you have been able to teach your cats to stick close to home. Once pets leave your property and go onto another person's property, things get much more complicated. Good luck with this difficult and unneighborly situation.