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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge


Dear Minerva,

Do you feel like interracial couples (gay or straight) are treated differently than others?


—Ebony and Ivory

Dear Ebony and Ivory,

Alas, in 2016, we still have hang-ups about race, but I think it is improving. I still see angry, hateful comments on the use of interracial couples in advertising and people seem to still find it tiringly necessary to point out differences in race in relationships that don't look like their own. I think that some people have a hard time accepting the fact people from two different racial experiences and backgrounds can find love with one another. I find that to be a completely ridiculous assumption and I don't care who knows it. Coming from a background where people were very vocal about viewing any white person who was involved with another race as not being "good enough" to find a white person to be with, I have little tolerance for such ignorance and absurdity. Racism still exists and therefore there are still struggles for interracial couples. When you break down the myth surrounding race, you really see that we are all part of humanity. We have a long way to go but I think our generations coming up have a refreshingly different view on the world. Love has no boundaries but those that we put on it in our own flawed minds. My advice is when you see the bigotry, shut it down. Finding love is hard. Why must we make it harder?