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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge


Dear Minerva,

I think recreational drugs can be taken responsibly. I think it's a fun and affordable luxury for most people when the weekend finally comes. I have a friend who is struggling with addiction and is failing at that struggle. I want my homegirl to stop doing the drugs because they're messing her life up. How do I share this legit concern when I still do drugs?

—White Rabbit

Dear White Rabbit,

Addiction is a very serious issue. While some people don't struggle at all with recreational drug use and can stay in "control of their party," for some people that is simply not a realistic expectation. I am not casting judgement on anyone's choices, but if your friend's drug use is not manageable, it could set her up for a series of events that could destroy her relationships, future and freedom, not to mention it ultimately could take her life. Before she hits rock bottom, organize an intervention or seek the services of a drug and alcohol counselor. You absolutely should share your concern, even if you choose to continue using drugs. Everyone is different, as is their genetic predisposition to addiction and their tolerance for various substances, including sugar, alcohol or drugs. Don't expect any of this to be easy. After all, people only change when they are ready to. Good luck.