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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge


Dear Minerva,

I found out a guy I was seeing visited a prostitute while dating me. I broke things off but I still have burning questions. Why would a guy pay for sex when a freebie with an adoring lady awaits? Is it kind of like taking a few drinks before the party? Is it hard to break the prostitute habit? Should I assume he's a sex addict and encourage him to seek help? And where on Earth are these Boise prostitutes hanging out? Just curious.

—Milk for Free

Dear Milk,

This is the second time someone has written me about a situation involving prostitutes in Boise. Quite frankly, if you have rid your life of him, then I wouldn't try to answer any of those "burning questions"—and if anything else is "burning," see your doctor. I wouldn't assume anything with regard to his motivations. There are as many reasons that people do things as there are people doing them. People are sexual beings and with sexual boundaries being redefined, it wouldn't surprise me if some people prefer a transactional approach to carnal fulfillment. Not knowing the man, I can't say what his motivation is. Human beings are sexual. While I may look like Mona Stangley from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, I assure you, I don't know where the prostitutes are hanging out.