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Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge


Dear Minerva,

I've had my trust broken many times and had my heart broken more than once. Recently, I met someone I really like, but I don't know if I can allow myself to "fall in love." How can one open their heart back up to love after being on the shelf for so many years?

­­—Fella Needs His Groove Back

Dear Fella,

Ask yourself this: Can I spend the rest of my life gathering dust on this shelf?

Your answer should be "No," followed promptly by standing up and climbing down off the shelf. Dust yourself off. Open your heart, but don't close your mind. Approach this relationship slowly; you have been out of the game so allow yourself to warm up. Before you take any plunges, write down the things that are important for you to maintain for yourself while in a relationship. All of those heartbreaks are lessons in discovering who you are and what you want —and don't want—out of love. With those things as your guide and influencing every decision, you will know what to do. Don't deny yourself love just because people have broken your heart and your trust. Remember, sugar pie, when it comes to love, you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

If you can't do it, then say "Hi" to the Hummel and Precious Moments figurines for me.