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Minerva's Breakdown

No Kids on the Block



My long-time boyfriend and I are finally tying the knot. We're excited for our big day and have so many ideas. We both have large families and a lot of friends. However, neither one of us are kid people. We're not planning on having children. We also have family members and friends who have decided to reproduce like bunnies. While I love them, I don't want our wedding to be distracted by screaming children running around. What should we do? Hold the wedding in a bar in the middle of the night?

—Sincerely, No Kids on the Block


It's your wedding. Simply indicate on the invitation: "No kids allowed." While this might seem outrageous, think about a couple of things. Most parents are looking for a day off to tactually spend time with people without their little ones around. This is a great time to give them that. They may even appreciate the immediate stress relief of not having to dress their squirmy kids in formal wear. There have been recent trends in kid-free events. Life is about balance and in our busy lives, having time away might help "fill up their cup." Imagine not having to watch every word you say or dodge the sticky fingers of kids full of the kind of energy long gone for most. If your family and friends are upset by this and dare take offense, tough Play-Doh. It's not about them. Congrats and enjoy your kid-free day!