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Minerva's Breakdown: Thanks, I Think

"I would share your frustration in not being able to tell who a gift was from."



I recently had an event commemorating the end of a period in my life. It was a great celebration. I received many gifts from different people. However, when I went to make a list of who gave what so I could make out appropriate thank you cards, many of the gifts did not include any sort of indication as to who gave what. Because of the nature of the event, there was no way to record it otherwise. How do I properly thank these people?

Sincerely, Thanks... I think?


How lovely it is to be celebrated with so many gifts. I would share your frustration in not being able to tell who a gift was from. Luckily, in 2018, there are ways around it. If you did a "thank you" to everyone at the event, that should cover it. It let everyone know that you appreciate what had taken place. The next step would be to issue thank you cards or emails to those people who identified their gifts to you. Next, sit down and look at the gifts and make a list of who may have given you certain things. Look for clues to their personal style or hidden tags or notes. If you still can't figure it out, then that is not on you. If you use social media, make a post thanking everyone for attending and their gifts. Remember, some people like to give with quietly, without fuss. Congratulations on your life event and happy thanking!