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Minerva's Breakdown: On Tinder-hooks


Dear Minerva:

I have been on Tinder recently (I know...big eye-roll) but I am re-testing the dating waters after a long break from the dating world. It is mostly fun and games and I don't really take any of it too seriously. The issue that I keep running into is what to do when someone I know pops up? Do I swipe left because I know them, even if I am attracted to them? Or do I swipe right to be nice, even if I am not attracted to them? What do I do? I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't.


On Tinder-Hooks

Dear Tinder:

Swiping someone off of their feet sounds exciting. I can see how you might be hesitant to do so, however, when the stakes are higher. Admitting an attraction to a friend can be daunting. It may work in your favor. It may not. What I would avoid, so as to make sure that your intentions are clear, is swiping out of pity or just because you know someone on the app. I can see the temptation as a kind gesture, but potentially leading the other person on should be avoided. No one likes to be led on and it's better to quietly and privately swipe left than to plant the seed of hope in the heart of a friend who may want there to be more. If you are genuinely attracted and want more from the friendship, then swipe right. After all, they say the longest loves are the ones where you are also the best of friends.