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Minerva's Breakdown: HallowQueen

How to deal with friends and family when holidays seem to overshadow a birthday


Dear Minerva:

My birthday falls on Halloween. It's not a major holiday in the sense that banks are closed and life stops around us. However, it's a holiday that has a lot of requirements. Since this is the case, my birthday often takes back burner to what others want to do. I am not a selfish person, but this year is a milestone. How do I let people know I need to celebrate without raining on their parade?



Dear HQ:

My father's birthday falls on Halloween as well, so I understand this. It is difficult for the holiday babies to have to compete with other festivities. You have a couple of options. Put your spooky little foot down and in grand Scorpio fashion (Scorpio sister here), and demand that you get the attention and celebration you deserve. This may go over like a caramel onion, but you do have a right to get cherished and appreciated on your special day. Another option would be to select a "HallowQueen Birthday Observed." By doing this, you can set a different date to be worshipped away from all the falderal and fiddle-dee-dee of All Hallows' Eve. I prefer this option because it appeals to the self-defining nature of us autumn babies and allows people to do both without resentment, or sacrificing fun and frolic. A Scorpio hates sacrificing a good time! Hopefully you will find a way to celebrate this milestone in a way that satisfies you and those who love you. Invite me. I love a party!