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Minerva's Breakdown: Halloween Costumes


Dear Minerva,

Halloween is almost here and I can already see the parade of skanky costumes. Will you please try to tell these women that they don't have to dress like sluts in order to celebrate? I mean, really, they need some class. I don't want my children seeing that kind of thing and thinking it's OK to wear stuff like that.


Dear Disgusted,

Sugar, you are barking up the wrong blonde bombshell if you think I'm about to tell someone how to dress on Halloween (or any other day for that matter). Let me break it on down for you, OK?

1. Halloween is a chance for people to live out a fantasy they might not be able to express any other time. I ain't gonna rain on that parade.

2. While I think there should be some restrictions, such as costumes that are insensitive or offensive to different cultures, for the most part I encourage people to let their freak flag fly.

3. It is nobody's—I repeat—nobody's place to tell a woman what to wear. How dare you participate in and perpetuate "slut shaming." Whatever costume or clothing that makes a woman feel confident, sexy and comfortable is fine by me. It is none of your business what she wears. Her body. Her choice.

4. Don't give me the kid B.S. You are the one responsible for raising your child. The human body is not a source of shame. Get with the program.