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Minerva's Breakdown: Getting Wiggy With It


Dear Minerva,

I am writing to you today to get some advice on what to do about wigs. I love your hair and now that I am facing losing mine due to medical reasons, I thought maybe you could give me some suggestions on what to do so I can stay comfortable and look great too. What does Boise have to offer?

—Sincerely, Getting Wiggy With It

Dear Wiggy,

Oh the wide wonderful world of wigs! There is so much to consider when wig shopping. Wigs can range from very affordable to costing thousands of dollars. Along with price usually comes quality. My suggestion to you is to assess what you want from a wig. If you want a natural look similar to your own hair, human hair is a great option but it is quite expensive. These are investment pieces. There are great synthetics out there too, some that are even heat resistant so you can use heated styling tools. Warning: Many of the wig shops that you encounter are going to be expensive. They are often billing wigs to insurance for medical reasons as "cranial prosthetics." If you have insurance to cover your wigs, go for it. Otherwise, find affordable styles you like, and since wigs can be discontinued, buy a couple in your preferred styles to have on hand. While shopping local is a great thing, when it comes to wigs for daily living, you may find the Internet is a better option for procuring your coiffures reasonably, once you know your color, style and fiber preferences. Good luck!