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Minerva' Breakdown


Dear Minerva,

Every year I go through this and I want to know what you think. Labor Day has come and gone. Can I still wear white or do I have to wait until spring? Everyone seems to have an opinion but no one knows why. Help me please? I love to wear white!


—Beverly Sutphin

Dear BS,

This question comes up every year! Everyone thinks that they know the proper way to handle this fashion tradition. Since people want to avoid a faux pas, they just ban white from their wardrobe until spring. You certainly don't have to do that. The whole "no white after Labor Day" rule was set by society's elite during an era when strict dress codes were followed. White fabrics are often lighter weight and more comfortable for summer months but hardly a daily norm for the rich and famous. The rule stuck that we should only wear white clothes between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Fast forward to 2016. Now we can do whatever we like and "no white after Labor Day" really means that we should be wearing clothing that is appropriate for our climate. There are even "winter whites" that are heavier materials to stay warm and still enjoy the color. So, go ahead and wear what you like as long as you are comfortable and protected appropriately for the season ahead. I would even suggest to avoid rules of fashion all together. It's your body. Adorn it as you please.