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Mindy Smith: Long Island Shores


It was only a couple of years ago, but it seems much longer since singer/songwriter Mindy Smith broke onto the scene with her debut One Moment More. Now, her second CD, Long Island Shores, is out.

One Moment More featured the single, "Come to Jesus." It earned Smith critical accolades and went on to sell close to 300,000 copies. That CD was a gem and a personal favorite of mine, so I was really excited to listen to Long Island Shores.

At first listen, I wasn't sure I liked Smith's second release as much as her first. However, I've enjoyed it more with every additional listen. Now I'm wondering what my initial reluctance was all about. This CD is no sophomore slump; it's one that will grow on you the more you listen to it.

On this album, Smith sings songs that reflect on her life from the early years on Long Island to her later time spent in Tennessee. The title song was inspired by her return there for a family reunion. In "Tennessee" she sings, "Tennessee, you've been good enough to me."

Another song, "Edge of Love," co-written with Beth Nielsen Chapman, contains the line "the edge of love is like a knife." Love can be a tricky balancing act. Later in the song, she's more hopeful as she sings, "maybe I'm your leap of faith." In "What if the World Stops Turning," she performs a duet with Buddy Miller and they sing, "we'll just keep on fallin' in love."

That's what I've been doing--listening to Long Island Shores is kind of like falling in love with Mindy Smith all over again.

--Curt Nichols