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Mile Marker Four: Echoset


The band Echoset hails from Austin. Sometimes called the ñmusic capital of the world,î Austin is such a tightly packed slurry of great bands that it can be an impossible place to gain acclaim. In the past year however, Echoset have been devouring column inches all over their hometown. The Austin Chronicle gave them the accolades of number two band, and number two video (for the song ñPinwheelî) in 2004. And the rest of the nation is catching on. They were recently featured on Comedy CentralÍs Insomniac, where host Dave Attel called them ñfuture stars of tomorrow.î

Echoset have been spreading their brand of pop the old fashioned way„by touring non-stop. They have done the West Coast circuit four times in the last 18 months. Their latest album, Mile Marker Four, showcases guitar-based, melodic pop rock ala Fountains of Wayne and Watsonville Patio. Made up of two girls and two boys, the band exudes sexiness and muscular musicianship while laying down straight-ahead tunes with two sets of six, a set of four and a trap kit. Though lead singer Beth Puorro is easy on the eyes, EchosetÍs allure is that they are really good at what they are doing„being a solid rock band. Echoset plans on recording their follow up to Mile Marker Four this fall. In the meantime, they are touring the East and West Coasts. On Saturday, July 9 they bring their brand of catchy tunes to The Bouquet. Expect a night of great, edgy rock, with strong stage presence, and a great crowd. July 9, 9 p.m., $3, The Bouquet