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Mikey Pullman's Whiskey Ginger: Redefining Masculinity Part 1

Saturday, Jan. 26, Woodland Empire Alecraft


If you've watched that conversation-sparking commercial from Gillette (and talked about it) then you already know that "masculinity" is a hot-button term. It's no surprise, then, that artists are and have been addressing it every way they know how, through comedy, visual art, literature and more. On Saturday, Jan. 26, the folks from Boise comedian Mikey Pullman's side project Whiskey Ginger will weigh in a performance titled "Redefining Masculinity Part 1" at Woodland Empire Alecraft. The night will include storytelling from Paycen McGahey, Reilly Hoy, Crispin Gravatt and Andy Capps, and musical performances from Pullman and Nic Coutts. It and the rest of the series will address topics related to masculinity, including emotion, empathy, communication and more.