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Mike Doughty, Nov. 16, Record Exchange


Not even 50 years old, singer-songwriter Mike Doughty has done more in one lifetime than some of us could accomplish in two or three.

From 1992 to 2000, Doughty was the vocalist/guitarist for Soul Coughing, a band known for its mix of Doughty's poetic stream-of-consciousness lyrics bathed in alt-rock, hip-hop, experimental jazz and noise. During those same eight years, Doughty fought heroin and opiate addiction as well as his bandmates, arguing over publishing royalties and songwriting credits. In the 16 years since Soul Coughing broke up, Doughty has recorded an astounding 18 albums and EPs, and even wrote a memoir of his years with Soul Coughing and heroin, The Book of Drugs (De Capo Press, 2010). The prolific artist's most recent release, The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns (Snackbar, Oct. 2016), is still hot off the press and his in-store appearance at Record Exchange is his only Boise show on this tour.