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Mike Doughty, April 25, The Record Exchange


In a recent interview, musician Mike Doughty said he would most like to be remembered for always following his muse, no matter the weird places it led him. It's an apt motto for a man whose varied career features more turns than an Idaho river.

Doughty got his start with the '90s alternative act Soul Coughing. The band had a devoted cult following and released three records with Warner Brothers. Their sound was a wildly experimental mash-up of styles and samples—called "deep slacker jazz" by Doughty—and was rooted by Doughty's gravelly, stream-of-consciousness vocal delivery.

By 2000, Doughty was tired of his band, but very fond of heroin. Before the year was up, his band was gone and Doughty was out on his own. He successfully kicked his drug habit and took to the road with copies of his previously made solo record, Skittish, in hand. After selling nearly 20,000 copies of Skittish, Dave Matthews offered Doughty a spot on the ATO Records roster. At home on a new label, he released his first solo record, Haughty Melodic. The single, "Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well" was a Triple A radio staple in 2005.

Doughty's most interesting release was a six-song EP he recorded in 2003, prior to joining ATO records. Titled Rockity Roll, the EP features Doughty's signature voice backed by cheap groovebox beats. Doughty performs at the Record Exchange this weekend, and brings with him his unique style, as well as his latest offering, Golden Delicious, a collection of loose grooves and idiosyncratic lyrics.

April 25, 7 p.m., FREE. The Record Exchange, 1105 W. Idaho St.