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Mike Blomquist: Rocks and Water


Local musician Mike Blomquist wrote all of the songs for his latest CD, Rocks and Water, in the Boise Foothills and on the banks of the Boise River. The tranquil music reflects time spent outdoors, enjoying the passing of time. Blomquist sings as he plays gentle rhythm guitar or, at times, a lap-steel guitar and a bottleneck slide. The music resonates with mellowness and the songs are like lullabies, perfect for studying, meditating or even drifting off into dreamy slumber. The lyrics are simple as well, as on track six, called "Avocado," which begins, "Last night I dreamed I ate a whole avocado ..."

One of the nicest things about Rocks and Water is that Blomquist is giving it away. The inside jacket urges listeners to donate to AIDS/HIV research as a trade for the CD. Blomquist holds a personal belief that he can live for himself by playing music and helping others in the process. With that in mind, some of his lyrics go from simple to a bit more serious: "All of life is a circle in its own time/Everything grows and sees the sun/Everything breathes and is made of light/All of life is a circle in its own time." Blomquist's uncomplicated and numinous words come full circle for a worthy cause, AIDS/HIV research. For a copy of Rocks and Water, contact Blomquist at or visit his page at

—Sabrina Gary