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Mickey Avalon Wants to Get Boise Loaded

Friday, June 15, Knitting Factory


Sometimes we all need to say hello to our hedonistic side and delight in some debauchery. The occasionally appalling and always-fun hip-hop of Mickey Avalon, who will play the Knitting Factory Friday, June 15, can provide just the right release.

Avalon's stop at the Knit won't be his first visit to the City of Trees--he's rocked his low-slung skinny jeans on that stage a few times and gave a mini-performance at China Blue's Christmas-themed party in December 2011.

Avalon has transformed personal tragedy into triumph and gained notoriety in the past few years with songs featured in films such as the The Hangover. He has also collaborated with Young Jeezy, Unwritten Law and Jermaine Dupri, among others.

At every Avalon show, dance parties and screams abound with the quirky opening beats of "Jane Fonda" and the cringe-worthy-yet-hilarious lyrics of "My Dick." But Avalon will bring more than just the crowd favorites; he's also promoting his new album, Loaded, which was released in April.

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