Mickey Avalon Brings Some Glittery Fun To the Christmas Season

Friday, Dec. 16


One, two, three, four, get your booty on the dance floor—China Blue's dance floor, that is, 'cause Hollywood rapper Mickey Avalon is hosting a glitter-filled Christmas extravaganza. That's right, you can do the Jane Fonda and feel oh so rich and pretty at the dance club's eighth annual Christmas party.

This definitely won't be your office's holiday party. Instead of enduring two hours of irritating small talk before you've made enough of an appearance to head for the door, you can swig back cocktails and dance to your heart's content.

Christmas outfits are encouraged, so rock the hideoso sweater your grandmother made you with the smiling pine tree on the front or go a little more club-ish. Imagine the North Pole transformed into a Las Vegas or Hollywood nightclub with sexy elves, reindeer with killer dance moves and a smattering of red velvet trimmed with faux fur.

The evening's host will perform a few songs, then mingle and take photos with the crowd—which is sort of like having your picture taken with a glammed-out, much slimmer Santa. Three lovely and oh-so-talented instructors from Ophidia Studio will perform acrobatic, Vegas-style pole routines as solos, pairs and triples. Prepare yourself to be amazed at their athleticism and bring some stunner shades, because they'll be covered in shiny gold body paint.

There will be plenty of giveaways and prizes, so you can take home some goodies whether you've been nice or naughty. Break out of the season's norm and have some hedonistic holiday fun.