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Mesa Roca - Donnie Mac's


The Coffee Antiquarium

Upon discovering a particularly coveted collection of tomes, the true book worm begins to salivate much like a dog standing before a stack of milk bones. When I walked into Mesa Roca, there was not only a bit of spittle dribbling from the corners of my mouth, but the palpitations in my reading glands were off the charts and my pocketbook was aquiver at the thought of the damage I could inflict upon its meager existence with such a mighty selection as I found within the first five feet of the front door. In fact, though I'd stopped in to check out the coffee, it took me more than a dozen book-absorbed minutes to make my way far enough into the store to find the coffee counter (which, for the record, isn't more than several steps inside).

The purist that I am, a freshly brewed single cup fared me well to navigate the nooks and crannies of the former house, around every corner of which hides another quiet reading area and another alluring stack of books. Is it Füd News? Certainly the coffee and pastries qualify as news of food ... but really, coffeehouse, book heaven, pastry purveyor ... does it matter? If you're running a little low on cash, pillage your stacks of old books and head in with a handful to trade. Get a cup of hot joe, peruse the shelves for something you can't live without (and if you don't find at least one thing you have to have, you're not worthy) and explore until you find the ideal space to while the time away.

Mesa Roca, 1524 Broadway Ave., 331-7950

The Broke Man's Burger

For the financially challenged who are under the age of 21 or can claim membership to the always hip skate boarding crowd, Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine will sell you a hefty meal with the change in your pocket. The Down and Out burger is a quarter-pound beef patty with all the fixins' and fries, and if you can prove you're under the legal drinking age or if you ride your board to the store, a whopping $2.50 (regularly $3.95) will get you one.

Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine, 1515 W. Grove St., 338-7813.

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