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Meridian Superintendent Resigns, Says Offer to Stay a Few Extra Days 'Made Me Ill'


  • Linda Clark

Saying an offer from the board of the West Ada School District "literally made me ill," Linda Clark resigned as superintendent of the Meridian school district Friday afternoon, following a monthslong verbal tug of war.

Among the many points of contention between Clark and the school board—particularly two newly elected members—were Clark's appointment to the Idaho State Board of Education without their knowledge and Clark's employment contract, which was approved by a previous board but voided soon after the new members were elected.

Clark said she had been offered a deal by the board to stay in her position until after the Tuesday, Nov. 3 election, when Meridian voters will be asked to decide the fate of a critical $28 million, two-year school levy.

"They required that I play nice for the next two weeks and then leave my position after the levy," said Clark. "But I refuse to be dishonest with this community for a few thousand dollars."

Clark said the controversy placed a "weighty personal toll, making it impossible for me to continue in my position."

After Clark announced what she called her "forced resignation," her remarks were met by sustained applause from some staff members outside of the school district's Meridian headquarters.

"I didn't ask them to come," said Clark.