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Meridian and Kuna


Once upon a time, Meridian and Kuna were lands far, far away. A few decades ago, there was a definitive space between Boise and Meridian, and a trip between the two was an epic journey through unending acres of farm land.

Despite being an increasingly popular address for those who don't mind the daily commute to Boise, Kuna still has much of that physical space buffering it from other communities in the Treasure Valley.

These days, however, the borders between Meridian and Boise have all but disappeared. Development over the last decade has forced the cities to grow, amoeba like, into a mass of humanity, and meandering municipal boundaries now make it a challenge to determine what town you're in without a "Welcome to" sign to help out.

In the last decade, Meridian's population has more than doubled, and the city is working to redefine itself as a family-friendly community, while attracting businesses, as well as tract housing.

During the summer months, Meridian hosts a weekly family movie night at Settlers Park and two farmers markets.

Once a year, Meridian gets back to its roots as a dairy town with the annual Dairy Days celebration ( ) in June. And in the hottest months, Meridian is a destination for every sweaty body in the valley looking for wild waterslide rides at Roaring Springs (400 W. Overland Road). When the weather cools off, the Meridian Symphony Orchestra ( kicks into full swing.

Before the symphony, stop into Epi's (115 N. Main St.), one of the few places to get Basque food outside of Boise's Basque block. Meridian is also one of the only places in the valley to take high tea. Miss Tami's Cottage (1031 N. Main St.) serves biscuits and tea, as well as lunch.

Although Kuna has also grown in recent years, it has kept its sleepy little town feel. Kuna still has its fair share of agriculture but more people are building their lives south of Boise.

Kuna's Indian Creek Winery ( is a favorite stop for wine lovers—especially when part of a larger wine tour through Canyon County. If you're into biking, you can take a few laps around the Indian Creek BMX Track (south end of Avenue E) or get your mountain bike and head to the Swan Falls Petroglyph Tour, an easy 12-mile out-and-back ride with petroglyphs and great scenery.

Once you've worked up an appetite, check out some of the valley's best Mexican food at El Gallo Giro (482 W. Main St.), and when it's time for adult beverages, we recommend a pub crawl through downtown. Don't forget to designate a driver because it's a bit of a haul back to Boise.