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Men Women and Children: Men Women and Children

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Now is the time to throw down like it's 1979 ('06-style). So dig it, baby, cause Men Women and Children is that cosmic, sloppy stew of your sacred electro-disco, ghost-funk, post-punk and rock n' droll with more hooks than that demonized box in those Hellraiser flicks. You may want to christen it Nu-Wave. One half of those deflated Long Island sad boys Glassjaw (arguably the incubators of the currently fierce plague of emo-virus), MWC was created in response to Head Automatica. Seeing that their peers in HA have desensitized themselves from the clubs in pursuit of poppier pastures, MWC are all too (pathologically?) willing to rocket you beyond the realms of the dance-floor stratosphere. That would make it all rather far and away now wouldn't it? "Dance in My Blood" is the launch pad for your redlining circulation, while vocalist TJ Penzone reminds us that we "don't need a reason/to get in on all night long." The pulsing, infernal musicianship of Nick Conceller (keys and synthesizer), Dave Kaplan (drums), Rick Penzone (bass) and Todd Weinstock (guitar) is a pure body-stomping exorcism. The dangerously spastic "Who Found Mister Fabulous?" careens like (straight) Scissor Sisters doing coke-wrecked Sweet. Any adjective for excess is understated from "Messy" to "Time for the Future (Bang Bang)" through the thrashing thick strings in "Vowels." Ultimately, MWC is a fiery kaleidoscope of sonic lightning.