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Megafauna, May 18, Tom Grainey's


In a 2014 interview with the Austin Chronicle, Dani Neff, singer-guitarist of Austin-based Megafauna, talked about her influences.

"Kurt Cobain's jagged, careless style," she said. "Jimi Hendrix's playing: fiery, unrestrained. I love Radiohead. I don't know if it's noticeable, the Radiohead influence, but it's there."

You can hear it all in Neff's relentless riffs and nimble, searing solos, which haven't gone unnoticed: Austin Chronicle writer Kevin Curtain voted Neff his choice as Austin's best electric guitarist in 2013, The Phoenix New Times said Megafauna's sound "revolves around Neff's manic and blistering guitar" and Guitar World took note of her "mind-melting shredding."

Megafauna bassist Greg Yancey and drummer Zack Humphrey, have earned kudos, too, with Consequence of Sound praising their ability to "build a thudding, low-end groove ready to shatter your car windows," so don't miss this show—but maybe don't park too close.