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McDonald's Settles $700,000 Lawsuit Over Islamic Food Preparation

McDonald's and one of its franchises settled the lawsuit with a group of Detroit Muslims


McDonald's and one of its franchises will pay $700,000 to members of Detroit's Muslim community after it failed to prepare food according to Islamic dietary law.

McDonald's and Finley's Management Co. tentatively agreed to settle a lawsuit that alleged Detroit-area resident Ahmed Ahmed found his McDonald's chicken sandwich was not prepared halal and therefore didn't meet the Islamic requirements as advertised, according to the Associated Press.

Muslims are not allowed to eat pork.

Detroit-area resident "Ahmed Ahmed, a Detroit health clinic, the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn and lawyers" will share the money, the AP said.

The Detroit area has one of the United States' largest Muslim communities. McDonald's two restaurants in Dearborn both promise to "sell halal Chicken McNuggets and McChicken sandwiches," the AP said.

The news comes on the eve of the fast food giant's fourth quarter earnings report.

McDonald's is expected to release its earning report shortly before the opening bell on Wednesday, Seeking Alpha reported.

The financial website reported shares have increased more than 10 percent since November 2012 and that the company saw higher than expected sales last month.