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MC Plus +: Chip Hop

CD Review


Take a hearty grip of gangster rap, mix in a few algorithms and encryptions, add a dash of thug life and a scosh of clever lyrics and you have MC Plus + in his most raw form: nerdcore.

MC Plus +'s newest album, Chip Hop, is a brilliant example of super geek beats mixed with noteworthy lyrical delivery. With songs such as "Syntax Semantics," "Man vs. Machine" and "Code Rage," you find yourself subconsciously locked into the notorious hip hop head-bob and the next thing you know, you are fighting off the urge to "encrypt everything!"

Nerdcore is a new genre rising out of hip-hop, but tailored in a humorous-yet-hardcore delivery for the geeks, nerds and hackers. MC Plus + calls himself "micro-chip-hop extraordinaire" and though he did not have the luxury of growing up in the hood, he still represents the "computer science gangsta-rap" scene venerably and eloquently. As a result of the introduction of nerdcore to the world, MC Plus + has made it posh to spit lyrics such as: Instead of B-Balls my homies throw exceptions!

MC Plus + raps with assurance and knowledge, but if you aren't familiar with technical terms, you might find yourself mildly bewildered. Nerdcore rap could in fact be confusing to non-nerds, but that doesn't take away from its notably admirable delivery of geek chic. Something along the lines of "Goodbye gangsta-rap and hello geeksta-rap," seems to be an entirely appropriate anthem for the given situation.

Nerdcore hip hop heads rejoice; sucka MCs run for cover.

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