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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao vs. Everyone

Who's the real pirate here?


It only took a few hours following the May 1 debacle that was the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match—which masqueraded as the "Fight of the Century"—for Pacquiao's camp to call for a rematch. Count me out. The good people at HBO and Showtime who owned the rights to the fight (Manny Pacquiao has an exclusive contract with HBO while Floyd Mayweather has a deal with Showtime), charged $100 a pop to watch this yawner. I was one of the many who were sucker-punched into believing this was going to be a fight worth fighting for. I couldn't have been more disappointed.

That was frustrating enough; then, it turns out that the social networking platform Periscope had been streaming the match for free. Apparently tens of thousands of Americans had logged into Periscope's Twitter app to watch a live feed from users who were pointing their iPhones or iPads at a TV screen. Users on another social media platform, Meerkat, apparently were doing the same thing.

HBO and Showtime filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Periscope and Meerkat but, by now, the damage has been done. If only I had known then I, along with millions of other Americans who stupidly paid $100 to watch this below-average fight, could have enjoyed the broadcast for what it was truly worth: Nothing.