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Mayor Looks at 2007



It's a long haul to the next Boise mayor's race, but one candidate already has his feet wet: Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has already begun raising money to run for re-election.

Bieter spokesman Michael Zuzel confirmed that Bieter held a fundraising event last month.

"He obviously has plans to run for re-election," said Amber Pence, who is helping Bieter's nascent campaign.

Bieter's early entry into the race has strategic advantages, not the least among them the sewing up of donor lists early.

The two Republicans who are frequently touted as potential opponents for Bieter told BW they haven't ruled anything out just yet, but no decisions have been made.

"I haven't made up my mind yet," said City Councilor Jim Tibbs. "I'll probably be deciding just what I'm going to do after the first of the year."

So will Chuck Winder. The former chairman of the Idaho Transportation Board who ran for mayor in 2003 is back in private business but, he said, he's thinking about the race.

"We've made no decision on that yet," Winder said.

As for Tibbs, he may get some more free time on his hands yet. His other job as Idaho's first Drug Czar could be coming to a close, as Governor-elect Butch Otter evaluates the position, which was created by Governor Jim Risch.

Life could be getting tougher for Republicans in Boise. Idaho's capital city upturned six Republican legislative seats in the November elections, sending Democrats to the Statehouse.

The mayor's race is, of course, nonpartisan.