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Maybe You'll Be Able To Leap A Tall Building After You Drink This


Ketchum Burrito (or KB's for those in the know), is a favorite eatery in BoDo and the "Free Burrito" coupon they've been running in a paper of note hasn't hurt things one bit. The ingredients they use are fresh and delicious, but put enough cheese and guacamole on even a tofu taco and you're negating some of the health benefits. Well, now you can even have them add a giant spoonful of sour cream to your beef and bean burrito, because KB's will soon start selling Mona Vie.

According to their Web site,, Mona Vie is an "exquisite health drink, destined to make a profound difference in the lives of countless people in the world." No, the drink is not made with parts of Superman's cape or Batman's utility belt. It's main ingredient is the acai berry "found only high atop towering palm trees in the lush Amazon rainforest of South America." Somehow, this supernatural berry has made it inland, been joined with the likes of aronia berries, pomegranates, bananas, pears, lychees, camu camu and bilberries, turned into an elixir and made available right here in our own fair city. KB's will sell 1-oz. and 2-oz. shots of the juice for $1.50 and $3 respectively. An entire bottle can be purchased for $39.95.

Tired of Health Food?

Ruby River Steakhouse is planning a new location in Boise near the Spectrum Center. The restaurant--known for its "comfortable Western atmosphere" according to a Ruby Red press release--has locations in Utah and Nevada and is planning to put a restaurant not only in Boise, but in Idaho Falls as well. Brand Manager Alan Grinnell, who grew up in Boise, says "We have had our eye on Boise for a long time. The city's strong economic base and history make it an attractive locale, and the area around the Spectrum Center is ideal. We're excited to be coming." Ruby Red will be setting down stakes (ha!) in the Spring.

Cheesecake, Cheesecake, Cheescake!

The Cheesecake Factory (imagine it: an entire factory of the creamy goodness) was scheduled to open December 11, which is great for us, but what if you have a cheesecake-loving pal living in Nowheresville who doesn't get into town very often? With Christmas right around the corner and unique gift ideas harder and harder to come by, why not treat that special someone (or butter up that rich uncle) with the gift that keeps on giving: a cheesecake a month. Visit and click on "shop." There, you can sign up to have either at 10-inch or 7-inch dreamy dessert sent once a month or every other month. The 10-inch will set you back about $45 and the 7-inch about $25.

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