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Maybe Stolen Keystone Ice Tastes Better


If only this was the first time someone has appeared in this column for forcibly stealing beer from a convenience store. But no, some of you just don't learn. Last year, it was 17-year-old Samuel Samudio of Ketchum and 18-year-old Maria Luna of Caldwell. The year before that--and the year before that--it was strapping 22-year-old Levi Timbana of Idaho Falls. Now another pair of young'ns, 21-year-old Fareed Saheb Kahn and 20-year-old Idris Abdulrahim, both of Boise, have been arrested for the crime of begging to go to jail.

Correction: They didn't actually beg. But they might as well have. The pair is accused of entering the Chevron at Deer Flat Road in Kuna at 11:12 p.m. on Sunday night--a time when any customer will stand out in the mind of a bored store clerk--and attempting to walk out with some beer. The clerk protested, and then, as the disqualification committee at my Cub Scout pack's pinewood derby once put it, the suspects "made a scene." One of them reportedly reached into his coat, pointed his finger at the clerk and threatened to shoot her.

Police were on the scene just minutes after the scariness went down. Nearly as quickly, they pulled over a Buick sedan matching the suspect description. Abdulrahim was driving the car, Kahn was also aboard, and some familiar-looking beer was riding along for kicks. Then officers opened the trunk and discovered a whole new bounty: 27-year-old Amanda Lucy Belle Diaz, the star of a pair of recent failure-to-appear warrants in county court. All three suspects were arrested and booked into Ada County Jail.