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Maybe I'll get more sleep this week...


Maybe I'll get more sleep this week. Now that our reporter, Nathaniel Hoffman, is back from Cuba, I can stop fretting over his safety (yes, sometimes editors are worse than your mother). And, BW can get down to the business of printing his stories.

This odyessy began with us doubting Hoffman could get into Cuba, and ended with us posting dispatches online from BW's first foreign correspondent.

Along the way, we surprised everyone by being the only Western newspaper to get a reporter into Fidel's Cuba. Reporters from the Idaho Press-Tribune, the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review and online at NewWest.net all took note.

Then again, maybe sleep is overrated: It's BW Music Festival time! In this, our Music Issue, we have Nicholas Collias putting uncomfortable questions to some of our musical luminaries, from Doug Martsch to Rebecca Scott. We wanted to get at the question of the big fish in the small pond. To be or not to be? That was Nick's question. Read this week's feature for the answer. Then join us all over town (the schedule is inside) as we celebrate Boise's best music.

--Shea Andersen