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May 6, 2017: What to Know


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  • Bingo Barnes
  • Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) is coming under fire for remarks he made Friday during a town hall meeting in Lewiston at Lewis-Clark State College, an event KXLY-TV reports was full of emotion. One constituent, Rebecca Schroeder, told Labrador she feared for her son, who has cystic fibrosis and took Labrador to task for voting in favor of overhauling Obamacare.
    "Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care," Labrador said.
    His remarks were captured on video and went viral, capturing the attention of several news outlets, including CNN, which reported, "GOP Rep. Sparks Outrage at Town Hall."

  • Today, the day before the French presidential election, centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron said his campaign had been hit by a "massive and coordinated" hacking operation, which had the potential to destabilize voting on Sunday, May 7. The Independent reports election officials "warned French media outlets" circulating information leaked from the cyber attack could be committing a crime "under laws that came into effect at midnight forbidding any commentary liable to affect the presidential race."
    "On the eve of the most important election for our institutions, the commission calls on everyone using the internet and social media ... not to spread this information," officials said in a statement. Voters in France will choose between Macron, a former investment banker, and Marine Le Pen, a hard-line nationalist.
  • Social media is abuzz over Justin Trudeau's wardrobe. On May 4, the Canadian Prime Minister wore Star Wars-themed socks—featuring R2-D2 and C-3PO—to a meeting with Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny in Montreal. Trudeau tweeted a photo of his socks, which, as of this morning, had more than 26,000 likes. It's not the first time Trudeau's style has made headlines: He has a raven tattoo on his bicep, was shirtless on a hiking trip, and was on the cover of on a Marvel comic book.

  • Star Wars super-fan Adam Scott got the thrill of his life this week during a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. Scott (Parks and Recreation, Big Little Lies) told show guest host Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, House of Lies) a story about how when he was 2-years-old, he sent an invitation to his birthday party to Star Wars star Mark Hamill.
    "No, he didn't come," said Scott, laughing—but better late than never. The Star Wars theme suddenly blasted through the studio and Hamill, with lightsaber in hand, appeared, apologizing to a visibly shaking and tongue-tied Scott for missing the party.

  • Speaking of a galaxy far, far away, physicist Stephen Hawking says humans should colonize another planet within the next 100 years or face the real possibility of extinction. In a new documentary titled Expedition New Earth, which debuts this summer on BBC, Hawking says we should be setting our sights on another planet or perish on Earth.
    "It's not as fantastical as it sounds," the BBC reports.


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