“I dream my painting and then paint my dream.” —Vincent Van Gogh

Dear Dream Zone, I am in a house that feels familiar and am trying to convince my family that it’s extremely haunted and we have to get out and never come back. They do not believe me until things start moving on their own, and they start to feel the evil presence. The "ghost" is very strong and can stop you from even moving. We always escape, but it is very intense and scary. —Melissa 23, Fort Wayne, IN

Lauri: Houses in dreams symbolize the self, and if the dream house is haunted it is a good indication that the dreamer is "haunted" by something from the past. Is there anything from your childhood or perhaps from the more recent past that is still lingering within your psyche? In the dream your family doesn't believe you because in real life they may not realize the full scope of the situation within you. Your dream is comparing this situation to a haunted house so that you can see that it is an issue that you need to move on from. Maybe it is something you need therapy for, or perhaps it is something you merely need to realize is "dead" and needs to be buried and put in the past.

Melissa replies: Thank you for my interpretation. You are pretty much right on with the childhood issues concerning family. I have issues surrounding my father and his side of the family. As a child I felt ignored and unloved at times. My father has made a lot of changes and we have a good relationship now. I wish that I could completely let go of the pain and sadness that I still carry with me.

Fascinating Dream Fact: According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive 62 percent of women and 51 percent of men typically remember their dreams after waking up.