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May 3 — May 9

Criminal Negligence

I would like to commend you on your great fact checking skills (BW, True Crime, "Take an Interest in Crime," April 26). Thanks for pretty much incriminating an innocent person. You're doing a bang-up job!

--Karalyn Duquette,


Editor's Note: See True Crime on page 11 for an update on the case of local "Person of Interest" Patrick Artis.

Animal Country

Ted Rall's piece "What Recovery?" (BW, Opinion, April 19) helps to illustrate the weird relationship America has with the simple truth: That is, the simple truth no longer exits. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength." These words appear above the door to the Ministry of Truth in 1984. We often think about the Orwellian nature of our new America, but another great work of Orwell's also comes to mind: Animal Farm. His works used to be required reading in high school, back in the bad old days in the 1960s ... when we were free. It's a great little book. I know, it was a satire of the Russian Revolution, but if communism and capitalism competed so fiercely, it had more to do with their similarities than their differences.

Poor old horse Boxer; "I must work harder!" was his mantra to every failure of the leadership, the pigs. Sounds like a $8-an-hour job at a big box. And when Boxer collapses from overwork in old age, no medical care. He should have had a TeamBush HSA I guess. And who can forget the "retirement pasture" that got smaller and smaller as time passed, and finally disappeared before any of the animals benefited. Ah, Bush Social Security "reform".

Kids, before the next election, go to the public library and check out Orwell's Animal Farm. It's required reading.

--Chris MorrisCaldwell

Deserters=Just Desserts

My name is Robin Long, formerly PFC Long of the U.S. Army. I am a Boise native, but I am currently residing Ontario, Canada. I deserted the U.S. Army and left the country because of my political and moral views. A war of aggression is an illegal war no matter how you slice it. And I don't think going to Iraq, raping and torturing prisoners, shooting civilians, and the use of chemical weapons in any way "upholds and defends the constitution of the United States" (which was in my oath of enlistment). These may uphold and defend the pocket books of the privileged class and create a funnel effect into the pockets of politicians; therefore fulfilling this is hardly honorable service. Now, I don't mean to harp and in any way downsize the huge sacrifice of my comrades and brothers in arms who every day risk their lives for all of us. My hat is off to them. I just couldn't, with good conscience, take up arms against the Iraqi people in the name of "Liberation." No question about it: it's an occupation. It is three years later and there are no weapons of mass destruction, Saddam is removed from power and Iraqis have had their free election. What is still there for the army to do? There are oil interests to protect, of course. We have a responsibility to talk to our neighbors and to write to our politicians about this. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have made any clear plans to remove our troops from Iraq. Tell them we want them out now. So here I am awaiting a hearing a refugee claim in Canada and I can sleep at night. Check out the Web site www.resisters.ca for more info and to support the war resisters in Canada.

--Robin Long,

Ontario, Canada

Fight the Parking Power!

In reference to your "Parking Ticket Polka" (BW, News, April 26): Previously, parking tickets in Boise were an inconvenience that most of us put up with for parking downtown. However, as Shea Andersen Pointed out, Boise City is taking it to the next level by not only towing, but also by turning them over to collection agencies, which means it will now go against your credit rating. Perhaps it is time for one of those individuals who owe quite a bit of money to challenge Boise City's authority to not only issue parking tickets, but to even collect on them. 

In the early 1970s, the Ada County Highway District  (ACHD) took over all road and sidewalk replacement and repairs in Ada County, including those in Boise. Boise City does not own the streets or sidewalks and turned all control over to the ACHD. A question would be: Because the city does not own the streets or sidewalks, provides no money for repair or replacement to ACHD and, as far as I have been able to determine, has no agreement with ACHD concerning parking enforcement or collection of revenue from parking meters, by what authority is the city using to collect money from property they do not own or maintain? Perhaps it is time for the courts to make that determination.

--James Rogers,


A Cure for Gas Pains

We as Americans can fight back against these outrageous gas prices. This year, try vacationing 25 miles or less from your hometown. This will pressure the resorts and other places we travel long distances to visit to contact their elected officials to do something about these prices. Every year one month before vacation season starts the gas prices mysteriously jump up. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's happening to the American pocketbook each year. Unite today and we can beat the big bad wolf.

--James Melby,

Burlington, WI

We Get the Leaders We Deserve

I'm writing to express my sincere concern regarding the voter turnout in the primary election on May 23, 2006. If the people of Idaho don't stand up and take notice of this election, there is a good chance that we could end up with federal representatives who do not truly represent the ideals and concerns of the people of Idaho. It is a sad fact that extremists from both parties are the most vocal and get to the polls the best.

Do we really want an extremist from either party representing the people of Idaho in Washington, D.C.?

--Annabel Manchester,


Poor leaders will claim that great purposes has been achieved even through a most egregious blunder. They will also try to deflect leftover blame onto anyone but their most loyal and sycophantic followers.

Aside from possibly thinking he could one-up his father by deposing Saddam Hussein, with little forethought, George W. Bush launched his "pre-emptive" war into Iraq. Now, in words of justification befitting an inveterate delinquent, he passes off this mistaken venture by claiming that the world is better off without Saddam Hussein. If a tsunami had swept up the Tigress and Euphrates and gotten Saddam, but in the bargain taken thousands of lives and cost our nation dearly, we might expect Bush to also find great good in the wall of water and take credit for its course.

This man can only lead sheep. To his dwindling flock of followers, have a nice bah, bah, bah.

--Sam Osborne,

West Branch, IA

Comments on Our Web Site

Enoyed your State of the Farm Report (BW, Features, April 26). I was born and raised on a farm in the Collister area. Wouldn't trade my childhood for anyone's. Just sorry to see Collister farms all taken over by housing. Sad.

--Donna C.


Sadly, the writer of this article fell into the lazy trap of using the tired euphemisms "elfin" and "glacial" when describing Sigur Ros (BW, Noise, "The Brothers Grimm of Iceland," April 26). They do make books that have lists of synonyms. You may want to invest in one.

--James C.,


Thick scarcasm, Cope (BW, Cope, "Ask Badger Bob," April 26). I really enjoy it. You know, the wolves are part of Idaho's natural environment. We need many more of them in the Northwest. We also need to pay equal respect and introduction time to the grizzly. It would be a beautiful sight: The native wolves and bears hunting the deer in their winter range off of Warm Springs. You know what would really complete this beautiful utopia? Real natives. Maybe we could introduce some of them from their native habitat. Wait. Oh, sorry. My history book didn't teach me about those creatures native to our region. My teachers only push their bleeding heart agendas about wolves. I didn't learn about the people ... My bad.

Get real. Humans are the supreme predator. We don't need an abundant supply of wolves, bears or cougars in our forests.

--Lib. Redneck,


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