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May 25, 2005

What's This?


This week you may observe a distinct change in our Sports section. We have decided to split up the sports section into two departments. The sports section will now be primarily about competitive and spectator sports. If you've got a race, a competition, or are interested in watching them, that's where the info will be. The outside department will deal with outdoor recreation. Hunting, fishing, camping, hikes, tours, trips and outdoor events relating to Idaho's recreational opportunities will be covered here. While there may be some crossover events, such as a kayaking white-water derby, we'll try to find a home for these as best we can.

In both sections, readers can look forward to news shorts appropriate to their respective departments, stories or listings. Game of the Week will be in sports and DayTripper will be in outside.

If you have an event to list, go to and enter it live. There are far more outside and sports listings online. Please e-mail with story ideas, tips or comments.