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May 24—May 30


I just came back to town after being away for a few years, and I picked up a copy of my old favorite, Boise Weekly. When I opened to the events section, what did I see? A bunch of cartoons that look like they were drawn by children on hallucinogens. Good work, people.

--Orlando Jones,


Ye Olde Drive-In

I was surprised to find that the drive-in in Caldwell is still alive (BW, Screen, "Films al Fresco," May 17). I was born and raised in Caldwell and worked in the snack bar of the drive-in for a short time when I was 15, which was many years ago. It was then a place for families. There was a merry-go-round and a teeter-totter and picnic tables. Mostly, it was a beautiful place to view the starry skies after dark. I have fond memories of a quaint idea that has passed us by.

--Leora Mitchell

West Linn, Oregon


I was so wowed to see Esperanto included in this list (BW, "Top 7 Things To Do Before I Die," May 10)! I hope everyone whose curiosity was caught by this mention will check it out--it's an international language creating equal footing for speakers and cultures from around the world. The language network consists of international, national, regional and local groups.

The Boise Esperanto group meets on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Park Center Mall. Our small group is looking to grow! The National Web site is http://esperanto-usa.org and the local one is http://www.terpomulioj.org. The local contact number is 343-2466.

--Connie Mumm,


Foaming At The Mouth

Although I have heard and read much about the vitriolic antics of Stanley outfitter/ anti-wolf activist Ron Gillett, not until recently did I have the dubious privilege of witnessing his anger in action. During Idaho Department of Fish and Game's wolf education presentation on May 17 in Hailey, Gillett more than lived up to his reputation.

In just a few hours, the crowd watched him verbally and physically threaten another attendee, overheard him referring to Idaho newspapers as "communist and socialist," and observed him behaving aggressively and disrespectfully toward IDFG speakers throughout the presentation.

In many ways, I suppose it is appropriate that this man should be the outspoken leader of the Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition. He is often his own group's worst enemy. And fortunately, IDFG has learned to treat Gillett like the sideshow that he is. But I have to wonder if Gillett can see the writing on the wall. Wolves, which have adapted well in Idaho, are here to stay, while his kind, who refuse to evolve, are the truly endangered species.

--Jeremy Fryberger



Dennis Myers' "Sleeping Giant" (BW, News, May 17) hit on a few very relevant points in the current debate regarding immigration in America and the Treasure Valley--particularly about historic denial by many Americans.

The U.S. was an apartheid society until 1948, and it took another 20 years to make real progress toward any kind of justice for minority populations. We began with the slavery of the "black man," then proceeded to take the land of the "red man" which was then taken away from the settlers and farmers for the railroads which were built by the "yellow man" who were worked to death by the thousands. Then, in the early 20th century we feared the Irish, Italian, Jewish and Eastern Europeans. As recently as the '40s and '50s black and Jewish Americans were strung up by, well, you know who. Back in the 1920s crosses were burned in the front yards of ... Catholics!

I would like to apologize in advance. The remainder of this entry is childish, distasteful and offensive and I should have known better. If pregnant, do not read any more! It may affect your child's development. None the less, here it is, politics in America.

There is a reasonable analogy between modern American politics and gazing into an unflushed public toilet. I know, you have seen it all. Here is a Democratic "floater" and there a Republican "sinker," and see the "angry white male" used toilet paper over to the side, and the discarded "soccer mom" tampon threatening to back up the whole system, and a couple left-wing hawkers dangling off the edge of the rim, and the odd "independent" pubic hair here and there on the lid, and those "undecided" yellow-tinged stains are everywhere, and lurking just below the surface is Mr. Vasquez's used condom of illegal alien demagoguery, not to mention the unseen crypto-fascist fungi here and there just waiting for an opportunity.

And all this is accompanied by a horrid, foul, awful stench in the air, complete with the gross grunting, hard straining and loud farting of Pat Robertson, Dobson, Ms. Swindell, Mr. Sali, and the other aptly named "Movement" Christians over in far right stall. As the old song says, "Every way you look at it you lose!" So remember; "Gaze ye not long into the political toilet, lest the political toilet gaze into thee!"

--Chris Morris,