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May 17, 2019: What to Know


  • Bingo Barnes
  • The College Board, the company that administers the nationwide SAT exam, says it will soon include a measure of students' socioeconomic backgrounds to help colleges put test scores in context. The New York Times says the so-called adversity score will be calculated using 15 factors, including the crime rate and poverty level of a student's neighborhood. It will not affect other, core SAT test scores, and will be reported only to college admissions officials.
  • Today's the day that thousands of Garth Brooks 
    • fatherspoon flickr cc2.0
    fans have circled on their calendars. Tickets to see the country megastar at Albertsons Stadium go on sale at 10 a.m.; all seats are reserved and cost $94.95, which includes taxes and fees. No tickets are being sold at the Taco Bell Arena box office. In fact, the only way to grab a ticket (no more than eight to a customer) is by clicking here, calling Ticketmaster Express at 1-877-654-2784 or using the Ticketmaster app on your smartphone.
  • After months of ignoring calls for her resignation, the BBC reported this morning that British Prime Minister Theresa May has promised to set a timetable for stepping down.
  • The official French health authority is warning that the blue light in LED lighting can damage the eye's retina and disturb sleep rhythms. CNN reports that the new scientific evidence from the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety concludes that exposure to high-intensity blue light, which is increasingly used in homes, can trigger macular degeneration.
  • The Hollywood Reporter says Evelyn Foster, mother of actress Jodie Foster, has died. Evelyn Foster managed her daughter's career from the time she was a toddler up until her Oscar-winning success as one of Hollywood's best actresses. She died from complications related to dementia at age 90.

  • It's game over for Game of Thrones this weekend. The hit HBO franchise comes to a close after eight years of critical and ratings success. Last week's penultimate episode scored the series' highest rating ever and this Sunday evening's finale is expected to set another record.