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May 17 - 23, 2007

Cope's Rap

I too look forward to reading Bill Cope's column each week, although I often do not agree with him.

However, I just want to remind him that he forgot to include the "C" when he wrote about -rap music.

--Stephan McMains, Boise

Cope's A Critic All Right

Hey, Nik Jeffords (Letters, "Cope's No Critic," May 16, 2007): For your information (you may want to jot this down somewhere) Bill Cope writes an OPINION column.


He never once stated that "it's a FACT!" He simply made an obvious point, in his OPINION concerning rap ... it's NOT MUSIC.

Go ahead. Look up the Webster's definition of "music." It doesn't state anywhere that loud, repeated, thumping bass and some moron speaking words (NOT SINGING, mind you ... reading words ... like any NO TALENT BUFFOON is able to do) is considered music.

Bill set it all out for you to see, neat as you please. Music has a MELODY ... harmony ... STRUCTURE.

And as far as the "esteemed artists" you mentioned ... guess I've missed them, because every rap "artist" I've ever come across doesn't seem to be able to finish a sentence without adding "Know what I'm sayin'?" to it ... yeah, REALLY "esteemed."

Rap "easily occupies over 50 percent of the shelves?"

Not sure where YOU shop, but I have YET to visit that fantasy (or NIGHTMARE) outlet ... Sam Goody and all the rest at the mall carried equal portions of ALL sorts of sound.

Overall, you are overreacting ... as I mentioned, Cope writes an OPINION column each week ... and I for one, share his opinion that rap is nothing more than annoying, loud NOISE mass produced for a market with no taste.

--Kevin Karstens,Boise

BSU Bathrooms

A recent statement by the BSU student union director regarding unisex restroom facilities in the expansion project has generated a wee bit of transphobic diatribe from two charter members of the Idaho Values Alliance's and the BSU College Republican's pee-pee police. Fischer and Sawmiller are set at the restroom doors like watchdogs to judge the value of humanity based on whether or not our bodies adhere to their fantasy of what male/female should be.

While I hold opposing opinion to that of Fischer and Sawmiller regarding their anti-transgender discourses to morally mandate transpeople out of existence, I have to agree with Sawmiller's statement when he said, "We don't want the university to label this a transgender bathroom." However, I'm not in agreement with any of their wacky spin to this issue.

As a transgender person I, too, shudder at the thought of unisex restrooms being set up specifically for the benefit of transpeople. Unisex restrooms specifically for transpeople are not for their benefit, but as enforcement tools to segregate and marginalize the transgender community. They are there to keep the transperson away from the use of the proper restroom that matches their gender identity or expression. This is not about "creating special accommodations" for transpeople--unless you consider some sort of safety from harassment, violence and discrimination a "special consideration." Gender-neutral, family-friendly, wheelchair-accessible spaces should be the norm for those individuals that choose to use them.

Separate but equal is never equal. Transgender people, such as me, can never hope to be equal in society so long as the institution insists on making us second-class citizens. If we as transpeople ever want to be treated with respect, we must insist on integration; we must never allow society to ostracize and dehumanize us, with restrooms or anything else.

--Emilie Jackson-Edney, Boise

Bring on The Big Ones

Use Supertankers to stop the wildfires NOW. I'm writing this letter to urge citizens to get government agencies such as the Forest Service, FAA, and local and state fire agencies off the backs of the Supertanker water bomber companies that built the DC-10 and Boeing 747 Supertankers, privately investing millions of dollars for which they have received almost no returns.

This is because the U.S. Forest Service has reportedly refused to use Supertanker aircraft to fight fires on federal land for over 12 years, allowing horrible loss of life and destruction in the meantime.

Contact Congress: Fire season is here, and our fire officials are again putting us in grave danger. Supertankers can stop uncontrolled wildfires now devastating our country in one day that would otherwise take weeks or months to control, and private enterprise will use and build them if given the chance. Get signatures on this letter and send to your Congressman now!

--John F. Rambousek, Yucca Valley, Calif.


An article in last week's issue (News, "Numbers Game," May 16, 2007) incorrectly identified Tara Wolfson.