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May 11, 2005

jump rope


Boise's Summerwind Skippers jump rope team competed in a regional tournament of the U.S. Amateur Jump Rope Federation (USAJRF), held in Santa Clara, California, this past weekend. Squaring off against teams from California, Oregon and Idaho, the Skippers qualified for the national competition in 14 events. (The top four in each event qualify.) The Skippers, who practice at Summerwind Elementary under the direction of Coach Karen Hay, will travel to Orlando, Florida, for the national competition, which is covered by ESPN for broadcast later in the year. The Skippers have won national championships in each of the past four years.



It's going to be a tennis weekend in Boise! The Boise State Men's Tennis Team announced today that it will join the Idaho Tennis Association in hosting Boise's first annual Tennis Block Party Saturday, May 14. The community is invited for a fun-filled afternoon of free tennis lessons from top teaching pros for all ages and abilities. This year's event will be held at Julia Davis Park from 12-4 p.m. The men's team will showcase players on court at the Tennis Block Party. The Broncos will also host the NCAA tournament May 13-15. Final round matches will begin after the Block Party on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. The men's team will hold a pre-game barbeque starting at 4 p.m. at the Appleton Tennis Center, located on the Boise State campus. Tickets to the barbeque may be purchased at the Block Party. Tennis Block Party events are free and open to all ages. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Balls and racquets will be provided.




A group of trail users met with the Bureau of Land Management last week in order to address concerns over miles of trails near Marsing known as the Barking Spider. The 70 miles of trails are used by horseback riders, mountain bikers and motorcyclists. They have recently been subject to reconstruction at the hands of the BLM, which has left users in an uproar and has caught the attention of state representatives. The BLM has been under fire recently for blading/obliteration operations that have left obstacles such as boulders and mounds of dirt on parts of the trail to make them impassable. According to an article written in Sunday's edition of the Idaho Press Tribune in Nampa, users have suggested the motivation behind the BLM's decision to obliterate part of the trails centers around fears related to environmental impact. The BLM says it is merely rehabilitating the trails. The project, also aimed at widening and flattening, was initiated without public input. Representatives from both Larry Craig and Mike Crapo's offices were on hand at the meeting to offer help in urging the BLM to include user group input into their reconstruction plans and to work toward setting up a future meeting with user groups.

car racing


Overcoming multiple close calls, temporary blindness and loss of depth perception, and even a flat left rear tire, Smokin' Joe Ramaker won the season opener for the Northern Sprint Tour last Friday April 29, in Lebanon, Oregon. "Our Ostrich-powered J&J Sprint Car was really fast right from the start," said an excited Ramaker after the race. Ramaker, who is a Boise State student during the week, charged from his ninth place starting position to sixth in the opening laps, passing defending NST champion Roger Crockett and current points leader Jesse Whitney.

Idaho Fish and Game


This week, Idaho Power will begin a five-month maintenance project that will limit public access to the spillway structure at C.J. Strike Dam. Beginning today, there will be no fishing from the spillway section of the dam Mondays through Thursdays through the end of October. The structure will be open to anglers Friday through Sunday. The work will have no impact on other facilities at C.J. Strike, including camping and day-use areas. "We regret any inconvenience this may cause visitors," said Idaho Power Plant Regional Manager Randy Hill. "By only closing the spillway structure Mondays through Thursdays, we hope to limit the impact this long-term project may have on those who fish here regularly." C.J. Strike Dam is located on the Snake River about 20 miles south of Mountain Home, Idaho.


I just noticed your "superhunt" information on the Web site. Where and when is the superhunt?

That's the beauty of the superhunt. If your name is drawn, you can hunt any open hunt for the species you draw. E.g., if you draw a superhunt deer tag, you can choose to hunt in the unit 11 controlled deer hunt, then the unit 39 general season deer hunt and any other legal deer hunt you choose until you harvest your deer. You're required to abide by the restrictions of the hunt-e.g., if the hunt is muzzleloader only, you must use a muzzleloader.