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Math and Magic: Setting Sun


The first song on Setting Sun's Math and Magic opens as a tinny, uptempo tune that sounds like it's being played on a 1983 Casio keyboard complete with snare drum button. "The Only One" fattens it up with guitar, bass and raw vocals, and it eventually gets darker and slower. Soon, the tempo picks up again, but the mood doesn't. Change seems to be a running theme in Setting Sun's latest CD which came out in April. Each song evolves to some completely different end without losing its original idea. Even Setting Sun's lineup of support players is ever-changing. The only constant is New York-born Gary Levitt, as he is Setting Sun: vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, music and lyrics. The songs on this CD are like a never-ending treasure hunt. I think I really know the essence of a song, but then I hear it again, and find another little gem either in the words, a new melody, a harmony or even a previously unnoticed instrument coming through. I've been trying to imagine what category record storeowners are putting this CD under ... Setting Sun's LA-NY-San Fran-pop-punk-blues-electronic-metal sound defies pigeonholing. If the storeowners are smart, they won't try to make it fit in anywhere, but just put it right at the front of the store under a sign that reads "Buy This." As entranced as I am by this CD, I'm guessing Setting Sun puts on an amazing live show and I can't wait to experience it for myself on May 18 at the Neurolux.