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Master Debaters


Yeah, I watched the debates. I viewed the candidates through my own tinted spectacles. I did my best to read between the lines, especially the ones being fed to Dubya through his wireless transmitter. But what I took away from my viewing was a profound sense of missed opportunity. How often do you think of better comebacks for yourself or others after the moment has passed?

There's been so much talk about Saddam and whether or not we are better off without him in power. Both camps agree that we are. However, they do not agree that we were correct in how we got there. What it comes down to is: Does the end justify the means? Kerry needed to use that line in the debate. It would have clearly defined that while getting Saddam out of power was the ultimate objective for the future of Iraq, lying to Americans about the reasons we went to war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 was not the means we should have went about achieving the end.

No one can predict who will win. The polls gyrate back and forth within their margin of error. The unpolled population of cellphone voters may be the determining factor. Some say the pollsters are taking these people into account. Others say they are not, but that these voters are more likely to vote Democratic than the ignorant Luddite Republicans, who are more likely to favor old technology like rotary phones. I think it's a crap shoot. What is known is that this election has promise to actually compel a majority of Americans to cast a ballot. We might finally have an election where at least 25 percent of the population voted for the president.

Over the next week expect the biggest lies you have ever heard coming from both parties. Unfortunately, people's memories are short and promises made during the election are rarely kept. Nor do people typically care if the statements made by either side are fact checked or not. Candidates will say whatever they have to say to get elected. So let me ask you this: Will the end justify the means?