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Masonry: The Symbols

This set of officers jewels is made of native silver from War Eagle Mountain. Each officer wears a jewel representing his office on a cord around his neck.

The master's jewel of office is the right angle of a square, symbolizing virtue.

The senior deacon's jewel of office is a square and compass with a sun in the middle.

The junior deacon's jewel of office is like the senior deacon's, but with a moon in the center.

The jewel of the treasurer's office signifies he's the guy with the keys to the cashbox.

The secretary's jewel. He maintains the record of minutes for all official meetings.

The jewel of the chaplain's office is an opened book, symbolizing the Volume of Sacred Law. For the members of the Silver City Lodge, the Holy Bible was held sacred.

The jewel for the tyler's office is a sword, ready for the defense of his post at the lodge entrance.