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Maserati to Rev Boise Up

Thursday, Feb. 28 at Neurolux


Like the car, it's hard to get sleeker than the band Maserati. The Athens, Ga., quartet has been churning out stylish space jams since 2001 and it shows no signs of slowing down with its most recent release, 2012's Maserati VII. If anything, the band is revving things up.

Maserati's early material was rooted in atmospheric post-rock with swells of guitar and trickles of drums. But over the decade the songs got faster and the beat harder on albums like 2009's Passages and 2010's Pyramid of the Sun.

The pulsating electronic beats, throbs of synth bass and heavily echoed guitar riffs on Maserati VII fall somewhere between Swedish synth-pop wunderkinds The Knife and the soundtrack to an action-packed sci-fi film. It's the perfect recipe for a dance party or a psychedelic freak-out.