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Mario Kart 64 Tourney at Boise Brewing

Thursday, Dec. 3


Mario Kart 64 is the gold standard for video game multi-player experiences. Select a favorite character from Nintendo's Mario universe and go head-to-head with your opponents, picking up green shells, deadly red shells, super stars, bananas and the infamous blue shell on favorite tracks like Rainbow Road, Wario Stadium and Choco Mountain. With the Mario Kart 64 tourney at Spacebar Arcade It's single-elimination—there's no room for error—and four players compete at a time, with the top two players in each round advancing to the next.

The winner will go home with a Nintendo 64, four controllers and a Mario Kart game—prizes for second and third place are TBA. Boise Brewing will bring the suds, so you can play like you did in college. Sign up here.