News » Boise Crime Blotter

March 31—April 4


March 31

9400 block of Fairview-Someone enters an unlocked car and steals sunglasses, a cell phone charger, and siphons the car's gas. A recessed economy breeds unimaginative thieves.

900 block of N. Maple Grove-A Kenwood stereo, sunglasses, and vehicle registration are stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

3100 block of Fairview-A Sony PDA and mp3 player are stolen from a vehicle.

600 block of E. Ridgefield-Thieves enter an unlocked home and steal new golf clubs, a golf bag, hand tools and socket wrenches. Apparently all those manly Sears commercials are working!

3000 block of Pleasanton-Thieves enter a home and steal 80 DVD movies and a .22 caliber High Standard Rimfire.

11,100 block of W. Market-Thieves forcibly enter a vehicle and take a Pioneer stereo, amp and speakers.

700 block of Troutner-Thieves attempt to enter a home, without success.

300 block of DuWann-Thieves steal lawn tools from a home. No, seriously, Honey, it was the thieves.

5800 block of Drawbridge St-Thieves take items from a home. What good is it to live on Drawbridge St. if you're still going to get robbed?

April 1

3400 block of S. Coleridge-A black Wilson leather jacket with a red liner is stolen from an unlocked vehicle. Memo to thief: That jacket is so 1992.

2400 block of Marvin Gardens-Thieves enter a home through the garage and steal a DeWalt saw, SKIL saw and a DeWalt palm sander.

2400 block of N. Bruin Circle-A toolbox is stolen from a vehicle.

1800 block of N. Cole-Items are removed from an unlocked vehicle.

1400 block of N. 25th-A Kenwood stereo and 30 CDs are stolen from an unlocked car.

April 2

3000 W. Main-An engine control modulator, computer chip and the gas cap to a 1991 Izusu are stolen from a vehicle. Hmm ... cracking this crime is like playing a game of Tribon.

April 3

8300 block of W. Franklin-When the owner of a blue 1993 Subaru Legacy wagon leaves the keys in the ignition, someone steals the car. D'oh!

7000 block of W. Stratton-A tire gauge is inexplicably taken from a car.

3300 block of W. Overland-CDs, a Walkman and a stereo are stolen from a car. Like, car thieves need to rock, too.

5400 block of Water Wheel-A T-Mobile camera flip-phone is stolen from a vehicle.

1000 block of Broadway-A Kenwood radio and Craftsman toolbox and tool set are stolen from a vehicle.

April 4

1300 block of Cormorant-A CD player, amp, kicker and speaker are stolen from a home.

1400 block of 5th St-Someone forcibly breaks into a home in order to steal tanning goggles and keys. Perchance Mommy locked herself out of the front door on the way to go tanning?

3300 block of N. Lake Harbor-A residence is forcibly entered and items are removed.